Global Livestream Event

Saturday & Sunday | October  10–11

12 Noon – 8:00 pm PDT

HEMPFEST 2020 - Hemposium Stage
12:00 Noon PDT
Hemposium Stage - Saturday - Opening
Stacy Bloch, Stage Manager, MC
12:10 PM
Hemp Construction - U.S. Innovations & Supplies in Critical Times
Moderator: Joy Beckerman. Panelists: Lawrence Serbin, Saba Tesfay, Greg Wilson
12:55 PM
Wilfred - Vet Sketch
Jason Gann (star of TV show "WILFRED")
12:55 PM
How To Have A Conversation About Cannabis
Moderator: Danica Noble. Panelists: Lisa Buchanan RN, Nancy Jacobson, Elizabeth Allen, Molly Allen
1:50 PM
Cooking Demo - Part 1
Bitsy Bates
2:05 PM
Rick Steves
The Latest On The Fight To Legalize Pot
2:35 PM
Cooking Demo - Part 2
Bitsy Bates
2:55 PM
The Young Ones - Three Pediatric Cannabis Patients and Their Journey
Moderator: Jerry Whiting. Panelists: Wendy & Coltyn Turner, Benjamin & Amber Wann, Karen & Morgan
3:40 PM
Tony Benton and Rainier Ave Radio - Black Market Woes
Rainier Avenue Radio Is YOUR South Seattle community radio station and digital media hub.
5:30 PM
Tony Benton and Rainier Ave Radio - SOS Sounds of Seattle
Rainier Avenue Radio Is YOUR South Seattle community radio station and digital media hub.
5:35 PM
Cannabis and Psychedelics: Support for your Mental Health
Moderator: Alison Draisin. Panelists: Salimeh Tabrizi, Eric Boone, Dr. Jim Fadiman
6:55 PM
Media and Marijuana
Moderator: Steve Bloom. Panelists: Angela Bacca, Tauhid Chappell, Kymone Freeman, Vanessa Maria Graber
12:00 Noon PDT
Hemposium Stage - Sunday - Opening
Stacy Bloch, Stage Manager, MC
12:05 PM
Voting with Grandma Cat
Grandma Cat
12:10 PM
Cannabis Cultivation: Ideas from the Pros that you can use at home!
Moderator: Jerry Whiting. Panelists: Kyle Kushman, Danny Danko, Juddy Rosellison, China Moss.
12:50 PM
Hemp & Regenerative Agriculture: How to Heal the Soil While Healing the World
Moderator: Joy Beckerman. Panelists: Jeff Kostuik, Tonia Farman, Shawn Lucas
1:20 PM
Jason Gann
Special guest Jason Gann, Wilfred Cannabis and Hemp, Star of TV show "WILFRED"
1:40 PM
Consuming Cannabis - Rethinking the Basics
Moderator: Unika Noiel. Panelists: Tamara Lilien, Kyle Farook
2:30 PM
Environmental impacts and solutions
Moderator: Nick Mosely. Panelists: Jason Lammers, Dr. Jade Stefano, Crystal Oliver, Jeremy Moberg
3:20 PM
Criminal Justice Reform
Norm Stamper, Seattle Police Chief (Ret.)
3:55 PM
Why Black Farmers Should Plant Hemp for Fiber
Jerry Whiting
4:05 PM
Green Renaissance
Moderator: Julie Chiariello. Panelists: Del Potter, Shadi Ramey, Dr. Uma Dhanablan, Dan Herer, Gemma RaStar, Patrick King, Maya Lapid, Vivian McPeak, The Dank Duchess
5:10 PM
Julie Chiariello Interview with Cheech & Chong
Cheech & Chong speak about their history, the current climate of the industry and the new dispensaries and delivery service that they are launching.
6:05 PM
Cannabis, Entheogens, and Public Spiritual Health
Moderator: Dr. Dominic Corva. Panelists: Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Salimeh Tabrizi, Monte Levine
7:05 PM
Prisoner Experiences and Progress, Tales from the Belly of the Drug War Beast
Moderator: Monte Levine. Panelists: Cory Walster, Dominica Personti, Kimberly Burke-Glaze
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